Is StarCraft II Free?

Yes StarCraft II is completely free to play, but with some limitations. StarCraft II is a trilogy that came out between 2010 through 2015. Blizzard has made single player campaign from the first chapter in the trilogy, Wings of Liberty available for free. The second and third chapters, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void, are only available as paid expansions. The game’s ranked competitive online multiplayer game modes are free to play and includes units, contents and updates that are from all three releases in the StarCraft II trilogy. Additional single player campaigns, co-op modes and skins/cosmetic content are available for purchase

How to Play StarCraft II for Free?

StarCraft II can only be downloaded and installed for free through Blizzard’s digital distribution platform. First, players will need to download and install the app and then register an account with Blizzard. Second step is to download and install of StarCraft II. This is fairly straight forward and done within the app. Finally, once installation of everything is complete, StarCraft II is now free to play.

About StarCraft II

StarCraft II is a real time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment and is a direct sequel to 1998 game StarCraft and its expansion Brood War. Originally released in 2010, the game was broken into three standalone games, with each one including a storyline and campaign based on each of the three races found in the game.

Like most real time strategy games, StarCraft II features an overhead, three-quarters view of the game maps. The single player campaign includes 29 campaign missions and objectives while the competitive multiplayer mode features ranked and unranked matches. Multiplayer allows for player vs player in matches that are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. There are three distinct races in StarCraft II, Terran, Protoss and Zerg.  Only the Terran race is playable in the single player storyline that is free but the multiplayer mode allows for game play for all three races.

Game play consists of players managing units for resource collection, building/construction and combat, with each unit having different roles and abilities. The different units for each race are balanced in a rock paper scissors format where a unit is strong against one unit but we against another. The game still receives regular updates. These typically align with competitive multiplayer seasons coming about once a quarter.

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